Find Hemorrhoid Medicine Online

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels of the anus that form lump tissues. The formation of this ruptures tissues and veins cause severe pain and discomfort. To be able to control the pain and the feeling of uneasiness, clinicians recommend two types of hemorrhoid medicine, the ones that can be bought over-the-counter and medications intended as support after the surgery.

There are also alternative medicines available such as the existence of herbal treatment made from barks and roots of trees and or leaves of plants. Chinese herbal medicines are also becoming famous to treat hemorrhoids however, if these kinds of medicines are not consulted to a Chinese herbal expert, then the person reading the instructions may be confused and perform false procedures.

Even if there are several usual creams, lotions, pills and recommended drugs to combat bleeding hemorrhoids, you can also heal the disease with homeopathic and herbal medicines. As a procedure, take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water. Drink this after meals to stop bleeding hemorrhoids and add one-half teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a glass of water to bring aid to the condition. Witch hazel is also a universal natural cure for bleeding hemorrhoids.

Another treatment that you can perform is nutritional therapy. It can lessen the pain of hemorrhoids and prevent the development of other complications. One way to stop the pressure that can lead to hemorrhoids is to guarantee softer stools. Drink and take unrefined fiber and lots of water or decaffeinated liquids.

Certain dietary supplements like ascorbic acid and the bioflavonoids can fortify the tone of blood vessel walls and stop hemorrhoids. Obesity can also make a person vulnerable to developing hemorrhoids. So good exercise and trimming down of body weight is a helpful way of preventing hemorrhoids. Nutritional treatment can also ease the pain of hemorrhoids. Stop taking foods such as coffee, mustard, and alcohol as these may aggravate the condition of the hemorrhoids.

There are studies that suggest that performing Chinese medicine to a person suffering from hemorrhoids can actually aid in the elimination of pain and also assist in shrinking of the lump tissues.

Acupuncture, the infamous form of Chinese medicine, is said to ease the pain and discomfort if needles are inserted into specific parts of the body connected to the affected area. If you are interested in taking acupuncture, then you must consult an expert in Chinese alternative medicine in your area.

Because of the rising costs of surgeries and medicines, people are finding ways to treat hemorrhoids in an effective and most affordable way. But there shall be no guarantee that these procedures can ultimately help you eliminate hemorrhoids from coming back. Still, the best way to avoid hemorrhoids from developing is to keep a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle by means of performing regular bowel movements and eating nutritional foods. There are actually various kinds of hemorrhoid medicine that are applicable to general types of hemorrhoids. It just depends which one you think is best for you.

Why Buying Prescription Medicines Online is Not a Good Idea

Online Pharmacies are not legal in most civilized countries. There are very good reasons why this is so and it is not just a case of “control” or of big brother keeping an eye on you. Here are just a few reasons why online pharmacies in general can be bad for your health. I will return specifically to Viagra later.

– Most prescription medications need the input of a health care profession if they are not to be abused. Often, simple lifestyle changes can render the use of medications obsolete. However, lifestyle change requires human effort. It is so much easier to buy online than it is for example to loose weight, take more exercise, stop smoking or talk to your lover about your erectile dysfunction.

– Prescription medications need to be taken in the proper dose and in a prescribed manner. Otherwise, they are open to abuse and can be damaging or addictive. Sleeping tablets are a good example of harmful medication when not controlled. Online Pharmacies offer no such control.

– Online pharmacies are uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Therefore no assurances can be given that product is in fact what it says it is on the package. Generic or worse still, totally fake tablets or capsules can be dispensed. You simply have no way of knowing what is or is not what you hope it is.

– But even more worrying than this is the possibility of lethal contamination. There are on record cases of where active ingredient or excipients have, wittingly or unwittingly, found their way into spurious pharmaceutical products with fatal consequences.

These serious reservations apply to all medications purchased from Online Pharmacies. However, in the case of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction treatments, there are additional pitfall and dangers that are particularly worrying. I can only touch on a few of these here but this should give you an idea:

– Viagra is now the biggest selling online pharmaceutical in the world.

– Not all, or even most, erectile dysfunction requires Viagra to fix it.

– Viagra is now widely used as a ‘recreational drug’ in the mistaken belief that it improves erections where no dysfunction exists. If it were not for internet selling this situation would not have evolved.

– Taken in this way Viagra can actually CAUSE erectile dysfunction by allowing for a ‘performance anxiety’ situation to develop. Performance anxiety is the commonest cause of erectile dysfunction that there is.

– Much erectile dysfunction is not in fact fixed by using Viagra or Cialis. However, the self-medicating may not realize this and be inappropriately driven to depths of despair when these drugs fail to work. I see this all the time in my practice.

Normally I am all in favor of patient’s autonomy and of people taking charge of their own illnesses. I am not in principle opposed to sensible self-medicating and self-care. People cannot go running to their doctor or drugstore with every little sniffle and sneeze. Indeed, I once argued for the free availability of the “morning after” pill as a means of reducing abortion demand. But Online Pharmacies? I think not and I hope that after reading this you might agree with me. Erectile dysfunction is a classical case in point.